Mainely Rat Rescue (MRR) serves small animals whose owners can no longer keep or who have been abandoned, abused or kept under hoarding conditions. Four steps assure health and safety for the life of the pet. People begin with MRR Intake when they learn of animals in need. Sometimes MRR Intake works with law enforcement and other rescue groups in cases of abuse and/or extreme hoards. MRR Foster finds the ideal foster home to provide the love, training and health care needed to restore each pet–body and soul. MRR Adoption finds each pet a forever home, under contract to ensure their health and safety for life. In rare cases, a very senior, emotionally damaged or ill pet moves to MRR Sanctuary for the lifelong love and specialized care they so richly deserve.

Support for MRR’s lifesaving and educational work includes fundraising drives, adoption events, and direct donations. Donations to MRR, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, are tax-deductible.