Toffee & Popcorn

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Toffee & Popcorn came to us on 11/23/19 from the Ithaca Rescue.

Fostered by Angela in North Brookfield, MA.


#2019554N, “Popcorn”, Rat, Pink-Eyed-White, , Standard Ears/Standard Coat, Female, DOB: 06/23/2019, Spayed/Neutered?: Yes 11/26/2019

#2019555N, “Toffee”, Rat, Beige, Hooded, Standard Ears/Standard Coat, Female, DOB: 06/23/2019, Spayed/Neutered?: Yes 11/26/2019

Special need: these girls (especially Popcorn) need some extra TLC to learn to open up to people. Popcorn is visually impaired and may be blind; she prefers a familiar cage layout.

UPDATE 1/16/20:

“Toffee will let me pick her up briefly. I can also pet her a little bit, but she mainly likes to stay in her hammock. Popcorn will not let human hands come near her. She will come out to the door of the cage when she hears me, but I can’t pick her up at all. If I leave the cage open she will eventually wander out a little bit, walk around for a few seconds but then she runs back to the cage.”

UPDATE 3/31/20:

“The ladies have been doing well. They are still shy, but they have made some progress. They come to the front of the cage when they hear me, and they love treats. Toffee will now gently take treats from my hand. I figured out that Popcorn is very visually impaired – possibly blind – that’s why she was mistaking my fingers for food. So I place the treat very close to her and she takes it that way. She has gotten less snatchy with the treats. They also let me give them little scritches now without getting scared. They are sweet girls and would love to see them get a forever home.”

UPDATE 6/15/20:

“The ladies are good. They are still shy but they are happy to be in their hammock and eat treats. If I leave the cage door open they’ll eventually venture out and walk around. They have warmed up a little bit but are not really cuddly with me. They have gotten a bit chonky but they seem to be in good health. They are beautiful.”