Kiwi & Treasure

Kiwi and Treasure came to us on 6/4/16 from Holbrook. According to their foster mom they are both sweethearts and are very bonded!

Fostered by Robin in Fitchburg, MA.


#2016316N, “Kiwi”, Rat, Pink-Eyed-White,  Standard Ears/Standard Coat, Male, DOB: 01/01/2016, Spayed/Neutered?: Yes 06/28/2016

#2016740N, “Treasure”, Rat, Pink-Eyed-White, Standard Ears/Standard Coat, Female, DOB: 01/01/2016, Spayed/Neutered? No

Special need: Kiwi & Treasure both have a heart condition and require special medication.

UPDATE 9/28/16:

“Kiwi and Treasure live just with each other. Kiwi is still a bit squirmy when taking him out the cage, but settles within a few minutes. The same can be said for Treasure, but a little less squirmy. Both of them are much calmer once we take them out of the room that the cage is in. They are totally different rats when the cage is not in view. Once on my bed for play time, Treasure is more the explorer, but will run back to me if she is startled. She has “tasted” me gently a couple of times, but I think with practice she will do it less and less. Kiwi is more the snuggle bug when he’s out, absolutely loves to climb into an armpit and just stay there…LOL. He has never teeth touched us, he is very polite.”

UPDATE 4/28/17:

“Kiwi and Treasure have become mellow squishes. They still live with just each other, but I think they would be fine being introduced to other calm rats. When taking them out of the cage, they still squirm a tiny bit but once putting them up against me, they could almost fall asleep right away. They are so calm, that when I set them on my bed, they just sit there and watch TV with me. They show very little interest in toys or snacks, preferring to snuggle in soft blankets and hammocks. They are both a little pudgy, yet they don’t eat much.

Even after ten months with me, they still won’t take a treat from me. Treasure has completely stopped “tasting” me. I could put my fingers right into either of their mouths and they wouldn’t care. Both rats are quite clean, they use their litter box 90% and keep their blankets and hammocks clean, and do not chew them.

Honestly, these two are the easiest rats to take care of, they keep their cage so clean and really only have the hammock or igloo they hang out in (parts of their cage are never touched) and they just sort of flop into a rag doll when I take them out.

I think Kiwi and Treasure would be ideal for any adopter, and would be a good choice for someone needing friends for a lonely older rat.”

Kiwi photo 009_zpsdrg1czzw.jpg

Treasure photo 013_zpsik8hjyex.jpg

Kiwi (R) and Treasure (L) photo 048_zpskoes0ozm.jpg