Stash & Chrona

Chrona and Nikko came to us on 6/4/16 from Holbrook. Stash was born to momma Treasure, also of Holbrook, on that same day. They were neutered on 10/3/16 and can live with the ladies beginning 10/24.

Fostered by Judi in Latham, NY.

UPDATE 10/16/16 on Stash:

“Looking for a one-in- a-million rat companion? Stash has it all—adventurous, loving and a hoot to watch. Almost from birth, this sole survivor of a litter of six said, “Here I am, world!” Stash was exploring, plowing through his bedding on his belly before he could walk, and trying to climb even before his eyes were open. We would often see his beautiful mother, Treasure, looking up in worry as Stash crawled up the walls of their cage, or scooted around the top while hanging upside down like a bat. Stash and his BFFs Chrona and Nikko bruxed from a very early age, in unison, sounding like leaves rustling in a gentle wind.

Stash remains first to greet you at the bars of the cage, first to try a new treat, and first to be caught for a cuddle. He will hand wrestle and play popcorn with you. He licks you back when you rub his ears and sometimes snuggles or leans back into your caresses like a cat. He’s smart, even on the rat scale. It took him only a few seconds to figure out a treat toy and consume the contents. If a rat runs in the Wodent Wheel, Stash will balance on the central axle, over the runner, and tease with his front paws or just enjoy the ride. He likes to snuggle on my husband’s belly, cuddle in a Ratoob, ride a shoulder or play in our youngest daughter’s long hair.

He gets along great with other rats, too. Stash lets others flip and power groom him, but we’ve actually seen him flip and power groom our grumpy-old- man rat, who is three times his size. Jinx’s tolerant look seems to say, “No worries. Just Stash being Stash.”

In all our years, we’ve never had a rat like Stash. It will be hard to let him go, but he deserves a forever friend to hand wrestle, cuddle and spoil him endlessly. He would love to go home with his foster brothers/BFFs Nikko and Chrona.”

UPDATE 10/16/16 on Nikko & Chrona:

“We drove to a nearby state to donate supplies and a spare cage, and to pick up tiny baby Stash and his mother Treasure so we could foster them. Given the size of the Holbrook rescue, their first foster mom encouraged us to also consider fostering one or more of her recently weaned baby boys. With one daughter leaving for collage and another close behind, we were planning to let our current two be our last rats for a while. But, wouldn’t Stash need friends closer to his age to play with?

So I peered into a cage teeming with tiny baby boys burrowing and tussling under the fleece flooring. I lifted the fleece, clucking and whispered. Two tiny boys crawled toward my call as the others dashed or popcorned away. Twice more, I lifted other parts of the fleece, and the same two came forward. My fate was sealed and Nikko and Chrona came home with us as well.

Their first foster mom did a great job with these boys. From the beginning they were easy to catch and handle. Nikko enjoys long, luxurious rat-naps. He knows his name but doesn’t come on first call. He’ll crack an eye to ensure you have a treat in hand or an open door for a cuddle before he will get up. He loves to hang with our old man-rat Jinx, who protects the boys, his foster brother Chrona, or Stash. He also loves to cuddle and brux with people, especially in a Ratoob around your neck. Even after his neuter you can get him to popcorn if you hand wrestle with him.

Chrona is alert, but like many pale-eyed rats, has weak vision. As he gazes lovingly at you from the entrance of his igloo, he gently sways his head back and forth to bring you into better focus. He is more cautious than Nikko, and will retreat to his igloo and observe from the safety of the entrance. This makes him a bit more challenging to catch but once caught he loves cuddles. He will brux like crazy if you gently stroke his cheek/whiskers up from nose to ears, or rub his ears and the back of his head. A flexible little guy, Chrona is happy either in a rat pile or snoozing on his own. When we first adopted adult Roswell as a buddy for our old man-rat Jinx, Jinx resisted the bond so it was Chrona who kept Roswell company, then happily returned to his foster brothers.”


#2016741N, “Stash”, Rat, Pink-Eyed-White, , Standard Ears/Standard Coat, Male, DOB: 06/04/2016, Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

#2016749, “Chrona”, Rat, Pink-Eyed, White, , Standard Ears/Standard Coat, Male, DOB: 5/01/2016, Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

#2016750, “Nikko”, Rat, Pink-Eyed, White, , Standard Ears/Standard Coat, Male, DOB: 5/01/2016, Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

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