Tobias & Frost Jr

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These boys came to us on 6/26/20 from an oops litter.

Fostered by Amy in Lynn, MA.


#2020377N, “Tobias”, Rat, Agouti, , Standard Ears/Standard Coat, Male, DOB: 03/27/2020, Spayed/Neutered?: No

#2020380N, “Frost Jr.”, Rat, Siamese, , Standard Ears/Standard Coat, Male, DOB: 03/27/2020, Spayed/Neutered?: No

UPDATE 7/6/20:

“Both of these boys are very sweet, and have never shown signs of aggression and have never bitten.

Tobias loves to wrestle and play tug-of-war! He especially likes it when you let him win. He’s also a big glutton, and loves his food! He’s a little shy, but quite adventurous despite it. He likes to lay by the front of the cage, and always pokes his head up when you walk by in hope that you might give him a little treat. His charm point is definitely his ears.

Frost Jr is a sweet boy, but he isn’t too found of being picked up. He prefers to go places on his own accord, though I have been slowly breaking him in. He has been much more tolerable with getting kisses. When he’s laying in his hammocks he LOVES to get head and cheek scritches, but he won’t admit it! He loves to play and wrestle, but only when he gets to win. His charm point is definitely his beautiful ruby eyes.”

UPDATE 7/21/20:

“Tobias is a kisser! He loves to kiss! He’ll lay there and lick your hand for hours if you let him.

Frost Jr will kiss sometimes too, usually on the face. He’s gotten much more handleable. He’s also very sassy, but quite a fun rat who loves to play.

Both of them are getting a little chubby because they’re food fiends! They’re a great pair though, with very distinct personalities.”


Frost Jr