These boys came to us on 9/13/23 because their owner no longer had time for them.

Fostered by Robyn in Old Orchard Beach, ME.


#2023594N, “Sherlock”, Rat, Black, , Standard Ears/Rex Coat, Male, DOB: 03/01/2022, Spayed/Neutered?: No

#2023593N, “Watson”, Rat, White, , Standard Ears/Rex Coat, Male, DOB: 03/01/2022, Spayed/Neutered?: No

UPDATE 9/26/23:

“The boys have settled into a routine in Old Orchard Beach and are showing more of their true colors. Although they appear to be littermates, I have never seen cage scuffles that produced such energetic tossing of aspen shavings without bloodshed. They also sleep in separate corners of the cage and do not seek each other out when outside of the cage.

Sherlock is the more social of the two, and comes to the front of the cage any time someone enters the room, not just for meals and snacks. He can be scooped out of the cage, and will not climb onto a hand, no matter how long you wait. He also enjoys coming out of the cage and cuddling. He has fallen asleep in the crook of my arm several times, with or without gentle head scratches. Sherlock is very food motivated, and will dig around in your personal possessions looking for a snack.

Watson is both more reserved and more adventurous. He does not enjoy the process of coming out of the cage. He does best with an introduction of a hand in the cage for a couple of minutes before being invited to leave, although only gives a soft squeak and mild scuffle in protest. Once out of the cage, Watson likes to be left to his own devices to explore rat-safe areas. He will curl up in blanket folds or inside a box to rest, but usually he is on the move.”

UPDATE 9/20/23:

“Meet Sherlock and Watson! These gentle 18-month-old Rex boys came into foster care in Old Orchard Beach, ME about a week ago. When they were placed in their new cage, both were hesitant to leave the confines of hiding places, even if food was offered. By the third day, though, they both ran eagerly to the front of the cage for Cheerios and blueberries. Both boys now come to the front of the cage any time a person enters the room due to their curious nature.

Sherlock is the (slightly) larger and bolder of the two rats when it comes to socializing outside of the cage. He is comfortable with being picked up but does not climb into an offered hand or up an arm. He enjoys riding on a shoulder as much as he likes snuggling under a blanket. When placed in a play area, he usually finds a corner to catch a quick nap. Sherlock enjoys blueberries, carrots, bell pepper, cooked rice and every element of the food mix he receives.

Watson is more reserved than his cage mate unless there is a new area to explore. Whether he is in the cage, on the sofa, or in a playpen, he wants to know about every nook and cranny, to the point of running just out of reach before you realize he has left. Watson is not always ready for human interactions without food or exploration incentives. He will protest with a small squeak or attempts to wriggle away when initially held but settles when placed on a shoulder or in a play area. Watson likes the new food mix, too, and will sample any fresh food offered.”



Sherlock & Watson