Nebula and Nova came to us on 2/12/2023 from an owner who no longer had time for them. Dusty came to us on 11/26/2022 along with Asher because their owner no longer had enough time for them.  Due to some health issues with Asher, Dusty & Asher were given sanctuary status. When Asher passed, Dusty was successfully introduced to Nebula & Nova.

Fostered by James and Sarah in Salem, MA.

UPDATE 4/8/2023:

“All three of them love attention and pets and will come swarm you at playtime! Nova is the bravest of the pack and constantly involved in whatever is going on. Nebula is a little more shy , but also the most affectionate and will sometimes sit for minutes at a time for snuggles. Dusty is our feisty old man and will sometimes zone out while getting scratches and sometimes let you know he’s gonna go off to do his own thing instead!

The three of them get along famously with no squabbles at all!”