Batman came to us on 6/12/23 because of a change in their owners home status.

Fostered by Julie in Feeding Hills, MA.


#2023392N, “Batman”, Rat, Black, Self, Standard Ears/Standard Coat, Male, DOB: 12/12/2022, Spayed/Neutered?: Yes 7/31/23

UPDATE 8/4/23:

“Batman is a neutered male who would most likely benefit with some girl rats. His neuter surgery was very recent but he continues to be fresh with his upstairs neighbor who is a male. He doesn’t really mind being picked up and will sit in a bonding scarf or on a person’s lap. He likes coming out and exploring. He will come over and take snacks from your hands.”

UPDATE 7/17/23:

“Batman is a little apprehensive of people. He will take food from you sometimes, but other times will hide in the shadows. He will run if you try to pick him up but has never bitten. Once out of the cage he is okay being handled. Sometimes he will sit with people and let them pet him but he can be a little squirmy and want to get down too. Provided him with a place to hide seems comforting for him. He is a gentle boy with people but can be a bully to other rats.”