Senior lovebug comes to MRR to live in our sanctuary! 

Smokey is a two and a half year old boy who came to MRR to live in our sanctuary. His owners were moving out of the country and couldn’t take him with them. They took him to the local SPCA who contacted MRR because they didn’t want Smokey to spend the end of life in a shelter. You see, Smokey is blind in one eye from cataracts and has complete hind-end paralysis. It is hard for senior animals to be adopted in shelters and even more difficult when they has medical issues like Smokey.  MRR knew he would be a perfect rat to take in to live as a sanctuary animals. He has a lust for life and doesn’t let his old age slow him down. He spends his days now snuggling, giving kisses, and rearranging his cage!