Ren & Stimpy

These boys came to us on 5/16/19 because their owner was moving and couldn’t take them along. They were neutered on 6/12/19 and will be safe to live with ladies beginning on 7/3.

Fostered by Valerie in Brookline, MA.


#2019243N, “Ren”, Rat, Hairless, Male, DOB: 11/01/2018, Spayed/Neutered?: Yes 6/12/19

#2019244N, “Stimpy”, Rat, Hairless, Male, DOB: 11/01/2018, Spayed/Neutered?: Yes 6/12/19

UPDATE 5/24/19:

“Ren and Stimpy are shy guys who had a rough start but are starting to enjoy the good life. They are beginning to explore outside of their cage regularly and take food and treats from people, and climb into our laps on the floor when we pretend not to be looking. They are naturally sweet, gentle souls at heart. They would make wonderful pets for patient people who are willing to give them some extra time and attention to help them get settled in. They get startled easily, so a quiet household without a lot of ruckus would suit them well, as would people who would be willing to let them into their hoodies or sweaters to snuggle up and keep warm!”

UPDATE 6/23/19:

“Ren and Stimpy are wonderful ratties. Ren is very outgoing. He likes attention and bruxxes and boggles when he’s happy. Stimpy is still a bit shy but takes food from our hands and climbs up on us when we’re not looking. They aren’t startled anymore and are pretty chill dudes. Do you have room in your mischief and heart for a couple of sweet, nekkid guys?”