Rafael & Michael

These boys came to us on 9/17/19 because their owner had too many rats to care for all of them.

Fostered by Nina in Springfield, MA.

#2019451N, “Michael”, Rat, White and Black, , Rat, Male, DOB: 09/01/2018, Spayed/Neutered?: No

#2019453N, “Rafael”, Rat, White and Brown, , Rat, Male, DOB: 09/01/2018, Spayed/Neutered?: No

UPDATE 9/18/19:

Rafael loves being pet and runs to the cage door as soon as I come home. He is friendly, curious, gives kisses and loves to get pet and scratched. He is the more confident of the two and in charge. He is okay with being picked up but gets a little nervous out of the cage. I think overtime he will be totally fine out of his cage and interacting with someone.

Michael loves to be pet on the head and runs right out to the door when I go over to the cage. He gets very scared when I try to pick him up. He is shy but curious, slow to warm up, likes to interact on his own terms and will run away if you try to pet him too much or if he thinks you are going to pick him up. I let him do what he wants and go at his own pace.

They were definitely handled in the past because they are okay with interacting but seem unsure of things like being picked up and quick movements. I think with being in a box for so long this transition has been very hard for them. I don’t want to rush them into doing something that scares them.”