Ossipee came to us on 6/23/18 because her previous owner had too many rats to care for.

Fostered by Lena in Middleboro, MA.


#2018401N, “Ossipee”, Rat, Blue, Irish, Dumbo Ears/Standard Coat, Female, DOB: 09/24/2017, Spayed/Neutered?: No

Special need: Ossipee has a history of seizures where stress seems to be the primary trigger. Her most recent seizure was on 8/29/18 and they are generally not a frequent occurrence.

Ossipee would like to go home with her best friends Brussel & Bean.

UPDATE 10/7/18:

“Ossipee is such a sweet girl. When she first came to us, she was having seizures every few days, likely from the stress of moving from her first home (where she did not receive much attention) to a foster home, and then to another foster home. Her personality was very subdued, and she spent a great majority of her day sitting in a hammock, sleeping and cuddling with friends. She did very well in introductions, and seems to find more stress in rats being removed from her companionship (others being adopted, or pet-sat rats going home) rather than being added to it.

Starting in September, she has really started to blossom. I am not sure why, but her seizures have all but stopped–I haven’t noticed her having one since the end of August–and she has become SO much more outgoing. She still likes to relax and cuddle, but she is often one of the first to the front of the cage in the morning to beg for food. She loves to run around during out-of-cage time and she tends to have a lot of exploring to get out of her system before settling down. When Brussel and Bean joined the crew, she took them right under her wing, and she is usually found in the hammock or space pod with at least one of them at a time.

She should go to a rat-experienced home, simply because it is likely she will have a few seizures again once she changes homes. Part of the reason we would like to keep her with her little pals is to ease the stress of the transition and keep her in as familiar of an environment as possible to reduce the chance they will reoccur. She has been vet-checked and does not require any medication, but it is recommended to keep a log of seizures to help discover potential triggers and trends. She is missing a few toenails that had come off during previous episodes, but otherwise is in tip-top shape!”