Mina & Charlie

Mina and Charlie originally came to us on 7/23/17–Mina from a breeder who was done breeding, and Charlie from a crowded animal shelter. They were adopted in August 2017 and returned to us on 6/4/18 because their adopter didn’t have enough time to give them their full attention.

Fostered by Lena in Leominster, MA.


#2017286N, “Charlie”, Rat, Black, Hooded, Standard Ears/Standard Coat, Male, DOB: 05/28/2017, Spayed/Neutered?: Yes 08/09/2017

#2017322N, “Mina Harker”, Rat, Blue Agouti, Self, Dumbo Ears/Standard Coat, Female, DOB: 02/20/2017, Spayed/Neutered?: No

UPDATE 6/5/18:

Mina is an intense little lady. She is territorial with new rats, and will scent mark and pick fights all over. She has made it through slow introductions before, though. She would prefer to go to a home with just her and Charlie, unless her adopter can commit to taking introductions slow and steady. She is incredibly people-friendly and loves to rub up against her people while she’s being pet. Her favorite thing is having her head held and rubbed; she’ll close her eyes and enjoy it for as long as you’ll let her. She’s a lot of action in a small package and will give a very rewarding bond to whomever can dedicate themselves to her.

Charlie is her opposite–he is large, lazy, and a little shy. In introductions he defers to other rats and does his best not to cause problems. He is a big squishy guy who likes to lay in hammocks, and he loves having the spot between his eyes scratched. He’s a little jumpy in new situations, but I anticipate that he’ll open right up in time. In his old age, he’ll definitely prove to be a squishy lap boy.”