Lester came to us on 11/4/18 because his owner was moving and couldn’t bring him along. Lester does not like other boys, so he needs a home with a spayed lady or two!

Fostered by Robin in Fitchburg, MA.


#2018734N, “Lester”, Rat, Black, Self, Dumbo Ears/Rex Coat, Male, DOB: 11/04/2017, Spayed/Neutered?: No

UPDATE 12/15/18:

“Lester has got to be one of the friendliest rats on the planet. He reminds me of a sweet little puppy. Very playful and loves to give kisses. He will lay on his back in your hand and just stay there like that while you tickle or kiss his tummy. The cutest thing he does is while you’re holding him, he will take your thumb into his little hands and lick it as if it were a lollypop. Be warned though, he will lick you so much that you will need tissue after for drying off the slobber! (just like a dog!) He is just the cutest little man. He is an excellent eater and will take treats from your fingers very nicely. He is nearly 100% litter box trained and keeps his cage clean and he does not chew up his blankets. He keeps himself nice and clean and his fur is so very soft. He is a true gentleman, however he does not like boy rats. Right now, he is not neutered so would need some spayed lady friends, or he can be neutered. Lester would be an excellent rat for children as he shows absolutely zero desire to be mean.”