Catskill Rats in Albany

This is a courtesy listing – these rats are not in MRR custody. Contact for more info on adoption or inquiries on availability. For more information on the hoard these rats came from, see MRR’s October 2018 Newsletter.

Located in Albany, NY.

UPDATE 10/24/18:

We would like to update you on who we have available for adoption from the Catskill, NY domestic rat hoarding situation. We are located in Albany, NY but of course we can drive to meet you or make transport arrangements if you are interested in adopting. Pictures will be coming shortly.

We currently have about 70 looking for forever homes, (47 of which were born post-rescue and are still babies so they are friendly with humans).

6 young males (born 09/05/18) who have been weaned from their mother and are looking for their forever homes.

4 young females (born 09/05/18) who have been weaned from their mother and are looking for their forever homes.

We also have three nursing mothers and litters who will be weaned this week and next week.

Litter #1- (born 09/21/18) 15 babies

Litter #2- (born 09/21/18) 11 babies

Litter #3- (born 09/26/18) 11 babies

Don’t forget the 3 mothers will need homes as well!

4 females, maybe around 4 months old. They are skittish and need handling.

10 adult females. They have a wide variety of colorful markings. They are however very skittish and will require a fair amount of handling and attention to properly socialize them with humans.