Brownie & Chocolate Chip

These boys came to us on 10/4/18 because their owner came into financial troubles and couldn’t afford to keep them.

Fostered by Ashley in Rochester, NY.

#2018647N, “Brownie”, Guinea Pig, Brown and Black, , Abyssinian, Male, DOB: 10/24/2017, Spayed/Neutered?: No

#2018648N, “Chocolate Chip”, Guinea Pig, White and Brown, , Abyssinian, Male, DOB: 10/04/2016, Spayed/Neutered?: No

UPDATE 11/6/18:

“What can I say about these boys— They are adorable, healthy and vocal.  They came to me skittish as could be. Over the past month or so they have become such sweet boys. They are a bit skittish when trying to pick them up but once they are in your arms, they are mush.

Brownie tends to follow suit with Chocolate Chip and doesn’t like to be left behind. They are very bonded boys. As boys will be boys, once in a while they tend to politely argue who gets what piece of greens. They are silly boys running around like crazy all day long and will meet you at the cage door to say Hello every time you are in sight. They love tubes, loose fleece and their igloo huts.  Brownie and Chocolate Chip have both been given a clean bill of health.  They absolutely love Sweet Potatoes and Apple as the occasional treat but are very adventurous eaters and seem to try anything once.”

Brownie (left) & Chocolate Chip (right)

Brownie (right) & Chocolate Chip (left)