Anya Jenkins

Although Anya was born in 2016, she still likes to explore, and even comes with her foster to work, where she is the honorary RoDentist! Anya helps the office manager with paper work and reading x-rays all day on Tuesday, and likes to come home to a nice dish of warmed veggies and a little baby cereal for good measure.

Her foster reports: “In all of the years I have worked with rats, I have never met a little girl more interested in a good skritch and rub, which is always reciprocated with a good hand grooming afterwards!”

Recently, while her foster was doing a routine body check she noticed a small, blueberry size, lump on Anya’s belly near her rear leg. Due to her advanced age, we suspected a tumor and got her in to see the vet. It was indeed a tumor but our skilled veterinarian Dr.Sinclair was able to remove it right away and Anya is otherwise back to perfect health.

With donations from thoughtful people like you, Anya has a chance to keep living her best sanctuary life. Every bit helps!

UPDATE 4/16/19:

“Anya is doing really well following her surgery and hormone implant, and she spends Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at work with me in the dental office still.

She is a favorite of the crown fabrication lab we use, and the representative we use likes to wait until she knows Anya will be in before stopping by.

We have also had a few patients who come in early so they can sit with our resident roDentist.”