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Not sure what size hammock to get? Here you'll find more information about the sizes and styles of the hammocks we carry, as well as prices.


Hammocks are made with a cotton or flannel print on the outside, and coordinating fleece on the inside. All hammocks are sewn with hidden seams, to give less temptation to the avid chewers, and to avoid the risk of elderly rats catching their toenails on the seams.


*Click the title of any hammock style to see a sample.*


Honeycomb: *An MRR original!* This pattern has been absolutely loved by our resident rats, as well as those lucky ones who were able to test out the design for us! If your rats love our Bunkbed, they'll be on cloud 9 with this design. Especially great for those with large groups of rats! Sizing is similar to a large bunkbed, with an additional level.

One Size 18"x18" $18.00




Bunk Beds: *An MRR original!* These have been a HUGE hit with our "tester" rats! Hammock has a flat surface on top, and a larger pocket on bottom that is open on all four sides. If you haven't tried one yet, you should!

Small 14"x14" $11.00
Large 16"x16" $13.00



UFO: *An MRR original!* A fun twist on a Bunk Bed, the open sides of this hammock make it especially wonderful for those rats who love to chew, giving them less temptation to make windows in their new hammocks. 

Small 10"x10" $9.50
Large 14"x14" $13.00



Easy Pass Hammocks: *An MRR original!* These are a MRR exclusive, and are a new twist on the pocket hammock! They feature a single, large pocket placed in the middle of the hammock. The pocket is open on each end, and is especially great for those rats who love chewing out the corners of their pocket hammocks! You can also hang these upside down, with the pocket on bottom to make a double level hammock! Rats can sleep in the pocket, or crawl on top for a more open sleeping space! 

Small 12"x15" $9.00
Medium 14"x16" $11.00
Large 12"x18" $11.00



Double Decker: Similar to a tube, these hammocks are a popular choice among our foster rats. They feature a flat surface on top for lounging, or a tube below for a more enclosed resting spot.

One Size 12" long $9.00



Pocket Hammocks: These are a standard pocket hammock design, with an opening in the middle for easy access and plenty of cozy snuggle space.

Small 10"x12" $8.00
Medium 12"x15" $10.00
Large 16"x18" $12.50



Tube Hammocks: These are a fun and fluffy hanging alternative to cardboard tubes and PVC pipes. Tube hammocks are open on each end, and have always been a big hit around here!

Small 12" long $6.50
Large 16" long $8.00
X-Large 30" long $16.00



Flat Hammocks: These are standard flat hammocks with no pocket.

Small 10"x12" $5.50
Medium 12"x15" $6.75
Large 16"x18" $9.00



Corner Hammocks: These are a great space saving option for people with smaller cages. Because of the triangle shape, these fit neatly into the corner of any cage. 

Small 12" across $4.50
Large 16" across $6.00



Wall Pockets: Another great space saver! These are a pocket hammock that hang from the side of your cage - a great way to utilize that empty wall space! 

Small 10"x10" $7.00
Large 13"x13" $8.00





Below are a selection of designs we occasionally offer. These are not stocked regularly, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified when they become available!


Party Pontoon: *An MRR Original!* This hammock combines the best of both worlds! A tube on each side for snuggling, and a cozy hammock up above for lounging! This design is already a hit at our house!

One Size 12"x13" $18.00



The Jacuzzi: *An MRR Original!* A hanging topless cube for your rats to cuddle in! Set it on a shelf, or hang it - your rats are sure to love it! Next to the Bunk Bed, this has become some of my crew's favorite place to sleep! Jacuzzi hammocks are not seamless.

Small 6"x6"x4" $12.00
Large 8"x8"x5" $14.00



Cube: Cube hammocks are especially great for large groups of rats. They provide ample sleeping space both on top and inside the hammock. Cube hammocks are not seamless.

Small 6"x6"x6" $14.00
Medium 8"x8"x8" $17.00
Med-Large 9"x9"x9" $19.00
Large 10"x10"x10" $21.00
X-Large 14"x8"x8" $21.00



Star Dome Home:  Design used courtesy of Amy's Star Dome Homes, this hammock is a fun twist on the cube hammock. Star Dome hammocks are not seamless.

Small   $7.00
Medium   $9.00
Large   $11.00



Pup Tent: *A NEW MRR Original Design!*  These hammocks are a fun twist on cube hammocks. They feature curtain openings on both ends, and can be used either free standing or hanging. These have become the new favorite among our resident rats!

One Size 12"x7"x7" $18.00



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