Sophie came to us on 5/15/19 because her owner didn’t have time to spend with her.

Fostered by Lena in Middleboro, MA.


#2019238N, “Sophie”, Rat, Blue, Berkshire, Dumbo Ears/Standard Coat, Female, DOB: 11/25/2018, Spayed/Neutered?: No

UPDATE 6/1/19:

“Sophie is a little sweetie with a big personality! On her way home she reorganized all the fleece in the carrier, ate all of the snacks I left her, and promptly took a bath; she seemed totally unfazed by the car ride. She meshed instantly with my personal girls, all 5-12 months older than her, and made herself right at home. She’s definitely a little hand-shy but not a biter (though she IS a sock nibbler–watch your toes!), and she settles down mostly once she’s been picked up. She does love to explore and I have the feeling that once she gets more comfortable I’ll have to watch her to keep her off the floor when I open the cage door. Overall I think she would do well with any patient adopter (including kids of any age as long as they can be understanding when she can’t always be picked up on the first try) and any females or neutered males.”