Pet Shop Boys

Neil and Chris were found in a pet shop by one of our most dedicated volunteers.  They were bashful, but very sweet and she wanted to get them out of the pet shop to a place where they would be handled daily and loved until they could find their forever home.  We do not take rats from pet stores, but we could not break our friend’s loving heart.  The pet shop agreed to surrender them to her but we moved them to our quarantine home.  Now they are getting lots of love and attention from our foster mom Michele in Old, Lyme CT and blossoming into friendly, gentle boys who like shoulder rides.  They are bonded and need to go home together.

w/Lyndsay in Windsor, CT

#14001 “Neil Tennant”, Rat, Marked Siamese, Dumbo Ears/Standard Coat, Neutered Male, DOB 06/11/13 (Darker Nose) ADOPTED!
#14002 “Chris Lowe”, Rat, Marked Siamese, Dumbo Ears/Standard Coat, Male, DOB 06/11/13  Passed away

1/23 Much to our sadness, Chris passed away during routine neuter surgery.  Unless he is adopted by a family with only spayed females, Neil can live with the ladies in a few weeks. 

1/15/14 UPDATE FROM Michele:

We decided these boys are “friendly yet tentative,”.  Chris is the most outgoing of the two boys. When offered a treat, they really don’t “snatch” it like every other rat we’ve known but gently “take.”  They are now much friendlier, love to be held, and are good shoulder rats.   They love their wheel and toys (first rats I’ve seen play so much).  They carry around little plastic balls with bells inside and knock at a suspended pole of wooden chew treats with a bell at the bottom.”  Please NOTE: Anyone that adopts this pair must have a large wheel that will accommodate boys!


Neil Tennant