Manny and Coco were from Gloucester, MA.  Their owner wound up with too many piggies and her landlord made her part with two of them. 🙁 Luckily, we managed to scoop them up just in time!  They were being fostered together, but they did not do well together and had to live in a divided cage.  Eventually the divider was breached and there was a piggie throwdown, so they have been moved to separate foster homes where they have been thriving.

Manny is being fostered by Patterson in Dedham, MA.


#2015049N, “Manny”, Guinea Pig, White and Tan, w/Fawn and Lilac Markings on face, American, Male, DOB: 11/06/2012, Spayed/Neutered?: No

UPDATE 10/26/15 “Manny is doing great. He is such a sweet and funny little guy. Now that it’s getting colder I’ve put some fleece in his pigloo. He loves to arrange the fleece just perfectly and sleep in his cozy house or with his head buried under the hay in his hay box. He’s still an active athletic piggy. He loves to run in and out of tunnels and boxes during free range time, wheeking and popcorning as he goes. Once he tuckers himself out, he loves to cuddle and get scratches behind his ears.”

UPDATE 9/11/15:  “Manny is the most fearless guinea pig. As he’s become more confident he has become quite the explorer, if I don’t pen his free range space he will explore the whole house. Often when we’re playing in the living room, I’ll look down for a moment only to discover him scurrying as fast as he can down the hall wheeking the whole time. He reminds me of pacman with the sounds he makes as he scurries around the house. He’s great with other animals, befriending our rabbit and comfortable being in proximity of the cats and dog. If I’m late on our routine, he keeps me on track. He wheeks to reminds me about treat time, ear rubs, free range time.and his evening hay. He is the biggest hay hog! I believe that he’d fit in any household since he is so outgoing and unflappable. He is comfortable being handled, loves scratches behind the ears in his cage and melts in your arms when he climbs in my lap during free range time. Manny is outgoing, funny and loves being the center of attention.”

UPDATE  7/28/15:  “Manny is doing great. He has settled in nicely. Manny is so brave, he isn’t spooked by our dogs or cats. We’ve begun to learn his vocalizations, when he is demanding a snack and when he wants attention. We’ve learn how much he craves human attention. He adores free range time, popcorning around and climbing in my lap when he gets tired. I think he would do great in any home.”

UPDATE  6/30/15: “Manny loves attention.  He gets so excited when someone walks near his cage.  He enjoys sitting on the couch in your lap, having someone pet him in his cage, or just some quality floor time. He loves being around people.  He also loves food.  He begins to wheek as soon as he hears the rustling of a salad container or the opening of the refrigerator door.  He also has developed a fondness for sweet bell peppers, when given a pepper strip he holds it up high and does a victory lap around his cage, then runs into his igloo before chowing down on his treat.  He is a very talkative piggy and seems to have an opinion on everything.  He is also a very relaxed Guinea Pig paying little attention to our cats as they casually check him out.  He can be a little bossy and seems genuinely confused when you don’t understand what he is trying to communicate.  Manny would do great with a family that has plenty of time to spend with him and learn his language.”

UPDATE 5/17/15:  Foster mom is finally learning my language: I’m chatting because I want attention! I want a lot of attention! I just want to sit beside you while you rub behind my ears. That makes me so happy! Oh how I love to be with you! I don’t always like to cuddle, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love attention! And please, don’t serve me strawberries!

UPDATE 4/6/15 (on both pigs):  We like to bug Foster Mom Steph for food.  Oh, you’re walking by on your way out the door?  How ’bout some SALAD??  Going to the kitchen?  THE REFRIGERATOR IS IN THERE, BY THE WAY…!  🙂

We are starting to get used to being petted in our cage.  Also, we do still like our divider, but we like to share our hay through it now.  Eating hay side by side is pretty good!

UPDATE 3/16/15 (on both pigs): They are doing well and thriving. They sure love getting two dinners each night, since I feed the cat and the hamster at different times haha With them being separated by the divider now, I’m finding Manny to be quite a chatter, while Coco waits for Manny’s signal to decide whether he should get excited & come out of his hidey house. They are such clowns!

I want to know what’s going on all the time, so I sit on top of my hidey house & talk a blue streak. I can’t sleep unless I roll my bedding into a bunch. Sleeping in the sun is nice, too! I also LOVE to chew on things: willow branches, hay cubes, toilet paper roll toys and carrots are a few of my favorite things! I’m still getting used to being touched & held.”

Life is all about FOOD & HOW MUCH IS MINE? I don’t let anyone touch my food & I’ll run you over if you have some. I love my buddy Manny! I get worried when I don’t see him. I like to hide in my hidey house & would rather talk to you from my cage. I like time outside my cage, but my foster cat sister makes me nervous. I’m still learning that human touching can be good touching.”

UPDATE 2/26/15 (on both pigs):  Hi!  I’m Manny.  I really like to chew.  Oxbow Stacks and chew sticks are the best!  I’m pretty laid back, but I’ll show ya who’s boss if it comes to it.  I’m not too keen on being petted in my cage, but take me out and I will relax with you!  I have a friend named Coco, but I’m not always so sure about him.  Sharing a wall is fine by me, though!

And I’m Coco!  I really miss my friend Manny when he is not in his side of the cage.  I try to tell everyone that I want him back in his space.  But since I don’t really like to be messed with when I’m eating, I’m okay with our divider.  Also, I like my stuff to stay where *I* put it. Even if I decide to relocate it many times. My side of the cage, my stuff!  I do like some nose rubs, but I still get a little freaked when I’m being picked up.  And once I’m out, I’m anxious to see what else might be out there, though I will admit I do kind of think being petted is okay, and I’ll purr to show that.