Leticia Quiles

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Leticia has been involved with MRR since 2010 and has served in virtually all capacities, from adoptions and intake to foster and healthcare management.

She is now MRR’s Director and oversees the running of the entire operation. In addition, Leticia handles all medical issues and veterinary accounts. She has been on MRR’s Board of Directors since 2015 and has been its Secretary since 2016.

Leticia works full-time at a private college-preparatory high school where she teaches Honors Spanish, Advanced Placement Spanish, and Advanced Placement Capstone/Seminar. She is also the Moderator of the Spanish National Honor Society and the Chairwoman of the Professional Development Committee.

Leticia lives in New Hampshire with her husband and their zoo which includes: multiple dogs, birds, rabbits, rats, hamsters, fish, snails, and axolotls.