Celestia and Meatball’s owner loved them very much, but illness in the family and a lack of time to care for them caused the family to turn to us for help.

This gorgeous girl is being fostered by Lisa in Gorham, ME.


#2015167N, “Celestia”, Guinea Pig, Tricolor, Teddy, Female, DOB: 10/1/2013, Spayed/Neutered?: No

UPDATE 7/27/15: Celestia is doing great! She’s a really good pig. Wheeks like crazy when anyone walks in the room, then runs in her pigloo if you go near her cage, then if you walk away and come back she’s almost always waiting on the top of her pigloo! She is very gentle as well. Picky about her fruits and veggies, but loves the lettuce from the garden! She’s BIG on hay, I don’t think I’ve had another small animal that eats as much! I think I’ll just keep spoiling her with the Oxbow for now 🙂

UPDATE 6/30/15:  “Celestia is a sweet little girl pig. Loves veggies- and isn’t shy asking for them! We call her the acro-pig- she is on top of her pigloo begging for treats when she hears any crinkle that might indicate something yummy! Snuggle her in your lap and she’s practically on her back asking you to scritch that adorable belly…..she loves to snuggle in and watch a movie with you- Transformers Age of Extinction seems to be a favorite!”

UPDATE 5/20/15:  “This big girl not only moves quick, but she’s a piggie gymnast!  That’s right, you crinkle a bag anywhere near her, she’s not only out of her pigloo- she’s ON TOP of it!!!  Her sweet face is just about more than you can stand.  She’ll try to dodge getting picked up, but once she’s in your arms, she settles right in and loves to be loved.”