About Us

Mainely Rat Rescue (a 501(c)3 organization) was founded in 2007 by 4 women who had worked and volunteered in shelters for many years, and who saw a need to rescue and re-home unwanted domestic pet rats, a misunderstood, and often overlooked species in many shelters.

MRR’s mission is to rehabilitate and find homes for surrendered or abandoned domestic rats, as well as spreading awareness, education and support for all the animals in their care. In addition we strive to educate the public about what wonderful animals domestic pet rats are, as well as one day hoping to have the resources available to rehome other small animals in need. Our foster homes are located within the New England states (Maine, Mass., NH, CT) with a few homes in NY in the United States of America.

All animals are properly cared for while in the custody of MRR, provided with food, shelter, socialization, and medical treatment when needed. We work closely with several area veterinarians, and references can be provided on request. We are a “no-kill” rescue, and only perform humane euthanasia after careful consideration, when it is decided to be in the best interest of the animal.



Director: Leticia Quiles

Intake Coordinator:  Sarah Levine

Adoption Coordinator:  Lena Maurer

Foster Coordinator:  Patterson Rogers

MRR Food and Rat Roost Store:  Nikki H.

IT:  Susie D.

Board Members:

Nikki H.

Michael E.

Leticia Quiles

Michael von Dadelszen

Susie D.

Patterson Rogers

Lena Maurer

Sarah Levine


Our teams also includes many foster families and volunteers, without whom we could not rescue all of these wonderful critters!

Updated 4/10/18