How to Adopt

Do you think you’ve found your new best friend?  Please download the Adoption Profile and fill it out. Then contact us (select Adopting from the TO list). Please note we cannot work with scanned copies, so please send the profile to us in its original format.


Our rats are in MRR custody and reside in foster homes throughout New England and New York. We do not have a physical shelter.  You must live within the New England, New York area and be able to meet the foster family who is caring for the rats.  We do not ship rats or set up rat trains.

By filling out the profile, we are better able to determine if rat/s are a good fit for your household. During the adoption process you will also be given the opportunity to ask more specific questions to help make the adoption a success!

Thanks to our wonderfully supportive veterinarians, we are able to offer spaying and neutering at greatly reduced prices. Each rat will have a physical exam before surgery to ensure they are a good candidate for the procedure.

VERY IMPORTANT!!  We love young people who love animals, but unfortunately we cannot enter into a legal contract with anyone under the age of 18.  If you are younger than 18 the adoption profile must be filled out by a parent or guardian.  We will need to communicate with the parent or guardian and they will need to sign the adoption contract.  As the adult in the home, they will be ultimately responsible for the care of the animals.

We reserve the right to deny any adoption at any time.  All rats are adopted out as pets only. Any applications for rats desired as feeders or breeder rats will be denied. If you do not currently have rats of your own, rats will be adopted out in same sex pairs (with the exception of neutered or spayed rats).

Download Adoption Profile 

Adoption Fees: Adoption fees are not set in stone and may vary depending on the animal and the adopter.

If you choose the spay or neuter option we offer when adopting your new companion, all adoption fees are waived. We encourage sterilization in healthy candidates for many reasons including health, behavior and so as not to contribute to the over population of homeless pets.

Fees: Spayed rats $80.00 / Neutered rats 1: $80.00; 2: $150; 3: $210; more: ask!

The fees for all intact (not spayed or neutered) rats are:

Intact rats ages 5 – 12 weeks, $15.00
Intact rats ages 12 wks 1 day – 6 months, $12.00
Intact rats ages 6 months 1 day – 12 months, $10.00
Intact rats ages 12 months 1 day – 18 months, $8.00
The adoption fee for intact rats over the age of 18 months old is waived. All donations are appreciated.

We also offer “The Harem Special”:  adopt one neutered male for $80 and the adoption fees for two intact females will be waived.  These rats must go home and live together and in most cases will already be bonded before you get them.

Neutering is available upon request; the price varies depending on the vet that is available to perform the surgery. If you choose to neuter, we will waive the adoption fee for that animal.  We do not offer spaying as we feel it is too risky to the guinea pigs.

Guinea Pigs ages 4 weeks – 4 months, $30
Guinea Pigs ages 4 months 1 day – 1 year, $25
Guinea Pigs ages 1 year 1 day – 4 years, $20
Guinea Pigs ages 4 year 1 day and over are $10
For a bonded pair you get the 2nd pig for 1/2 price.


$10 each or buy one get one 1/2 price with bonded pairs.

OTHER SPECIES: Adoption fees will be determined on a case by case basis.