Previously Adopted Animals 2012

Poette (NH) Celia (ME) Nicodemus  (MA)
Vegetables Litter (NH/MA) Sneakers (ME) April Bouquet Litter (MA)
Jenova & Babies of White (ME) Vampire Lit/Coffee Can Orph (ME) “Bones” Litter
Italian Litter
The G Team Smurf Litter (ME) Italian Litter/Coffee Can Orphans
Sneaker Heads Bruce (MA) Sassafras (ME)
Trixie (NH) Lulu and Toola-Roola Cera and Osh Kosh (MA)
Simba & Karl (NJ) Herbal Girls (ME) Angie & Kiera (NH)
Matthias & Josiah (MA) Thames and Mekong (MA) Patti’s Playhouse (ME)
Shawn & Zander (MA) Cup O’ Ratlets (CT) Kerry & Dusty (MA)
Minuet & Promenade Popcorn & Kernal (MA) Lulu (ME)
L & M’s All-Male Revue Rotten Rodney’s Girls (ME) Big Mac & Harem (ME)
Tigris and MacKenzie (NJ) BeggarMan & LittleJohnnyGreen (CT) Shimm & Harem  (ME)
Wee Willie (ME) Justin’s Girlies (ME) Minski & Jeremy (ME)
Mercy and Vibrant (LI, NY) Nekkid Girls Hans & Henry (MA) Shayla & Ono (ME)
Phineas (MA) Holly’s Spice Girls (NH) Woody (ME)
Duffy and Courtney Norma Jean and Mary Jane Sam & Mittens
Anna's Trio
Hoos Foos & Mayzie Anna’s Duo Melody, Sally & Lucy
Hazel Nutt and Brooke Trout  
Brooke Trout  Clayton Heffer and Hugh
  Robin's Nest
 Little Boy Blue Jack’s Baby Girls Robin’s Nest
Raven & Wren  Shannon’s Irish Litter Raimi
Eighties Music Litter  Charlie 2 Jersey Girls
 3 Little Angels (ME) Moon of Uranus Titania (MA)  Erica’s Endearments (MA)
  Charlotte (MA)  Bugsy (MA) Amelia (MA)
 Pick-Pocket (NH)  The Chipettes! (NH)  2 Maine Squishes! (ME)
 Angela's South Paris Gang  .
 Angela’s Daycare (ME) Jennie and Bo Peep (MA)  Nadia & Natalia (ME)
 Sasha & Sadie Bonanza Boys (NH)  Sweet Baby Girls (NH)
Dawn & Eve  (MA)  Zoot and Zucker (MA) :)  Bramble (MA)
 Delilah & Old Testaments (ME)  Minnow  (ME)   Iona and Primrose (ME)
  Applejack and Twilight Sparkle
 Brunswick and Manitoba (NY) Applejack (Upstate NY)  Avita & Anya (ME)
Casey (Upstate NY)  Gulley & Basin (ME) Eddy (CT)
 Bikini and Bandeau (ME) Noah and Liam (ME) Beau (ME)
 Gillette (MA) Oliver (MA) Miss Michael Jackson (MA)
  Button  Lola (NH)  Evita (NH)
Rosa (NH)  Mercy & Hope (ME) Peabody & DeVito (Upst NY)
Irene (ME) Mr. Cheddar (CT) Prince Edward and Toronto (ME)
  Kirk and Picard (NYC) Milo Marbles (NJ)  Tree Litter (New England)
 Velma & Daphne (MA)   Neutered Boyz (CT) Alice (CT)
Canadian Boys in the USA!   Trapeze and Tightrope Camera Boys
 Tinkerbell’s Baby Girls (CT) Racecar Boys! Lily
Andy & Almond Hamilton(MA) Nair (MA)