Nordic & Alpine

#10462 “Nordic”, Rat, Black Hooded, Standard Coats/Ears, Male, Neutered DOB 10/1/10
#10463 “Alpine”, Rat, Pink Eyed White, Standard Coat/Ears, Male, Neutered DOB 10/1/10

Nordic & Alpine were part of a large rescue MRR helped with from Lancaster, PA. The shelter in PA found themselves with over 65 rats at one point, some were abandoned by a snake breeder and others were surrendered by a breeder who was getting out of the business. Nordic & Alpine were a couple of the lucky young males who were not chosen as food before being abandoned. They came to us very shy and afraid of people but our wonderful foster homes have been working tirelessly to help these deserving rats realize that there purpose in life is to be a beloved member of the family, not a snake’s next meal.

Alpine & NordicAlpine & NordicAlpine & Nordic