Previously Adopted Animals 2011

Sugarplum Mary & Pepper Minstix Pimento & Maddy Sheba
Mistletoe & Holly Francie and Enora Rosalie & Sari
Spencer, Barsky & Rowe Ceazar & Jaq Red & Fluffinella
Saucy Boys Rumple & Wembly Boober & Convincing John
Wingnut Doozer Pictionary & Cranium Caridee & Velicity
Rose & Violet Mole & Veloute Cotterpin Doozer
Cosmo & Marley Fox Vergil & Ancil
Ariel & Jasmine Samantha & Endora Glisten & Shimmer
Faith & Hope Adrienne Fosi
Mokey & Mavis Frankie and Albert Zombie
 Matrix Boys Larrabee Ryatt & Ransum
Twister & Boggle The Boys of Sherwood Forest Scrabble & Taboo
Simon & Seymour Laffy Taffy Hannah & Meeka
Tinseltown Litter Trixie & Brooke Toboggan & Sleigh
Belle & Zoe Diego Degu Family Alexandria & Adelaide
Snowflake Theo Chloe
Alvin & Simon  Archbanger & Gobo Rocky
 George Jack & Ichabod Silky
Brenna & Brielle Jasmine (hospice home) Ziti
Niko (NY) Blueberry and Blackberry Chibi
Jezabelle & Caramel Much & Link Pooh & Roo
Pixie Stix Sunny, Breezy, Snowy, Misty Trouble & Ants in the Pants
Lucy (MA) Blossom (NH) Alice (MA)
Lacey (ME) Doozer & Cantus (NY) Bella & Luna (ME)
Uncle Chester (ME) Sir Blunderbrain & Doc (NY) Raya & Lizzy (ME)
The 7 Wonders of the World! Jacob (ME) Lea & Razzles (NJ)
Petra & Alexandria (NY) Timothy & Theodor (ME) Kiwi’s Exotic Fruit Litter (ME)
Bones & Duncan (ME) Ava & Starburst (NJ) Eggroll (ME)
“US Currency” Litter (NJ) Large Marvin and Bailey (CT) Sheldon & Roswell
Mustang (RIP) & Annie (ME)  Maggie (MA) Miki & Koko (ME)
Brio & Inkspot Mia (MA) “Michael Jackson” Litter

Razzi and Mecki (CT) Elements & Elves Jelly
Jimmy w/Jelly Belly Bean (MA) Molly & Magee (MA) Wushi and Boo (MA)
Tango & Cash (MA) Hershey & Neuhaus (ME) Yummy Cookies Litter (NH)
Maximus (MA) Gizmo (MA) Lola (MA)
Amber & Onyx Sweety & Mutton Chop Mary Sugar & Ebony
Kit Kat & Peanut Blossom Nugget and Nougat Fluffy McPuffy Pants 
Boys of Atlanta (NY) Molly & Emily (ME) D Apostrophe Litter
Rainy & Windy (CT)  Kiwi (ME) Providence (ME)
Explosives & Elves (NH) “Gone with the Wind” Litter (ME) Sheba (ME) (SENIOR)
Mickey and Nugget (MASS) Storm Season Litter (NJ) Book Authors Litter (NH)
M Apostrophe Litter  Yummy Cookies’ Chunky Chip Toy Story Litter (ME)
New England Universities (MA & ME) PB&J (ME) Clue (CT)
Richart & Cadbury (NH) Nordic & Alpine (MA) Nutz & Boltz (MA)
Three Sisters (NH) Sir Michael Carmichael Zutt Sophia, Victoria and Yale (MA)
Moxie & Rosie (MA) Candy Bar Litter (NH) Simon (NJ)
Raggs (ME)  Jimmy (MA)  The A Team (MA)
Fruity Pigs! (MA) Powderpuff (ME) Mother Hubbard Litter (ME)
My Little Pony Litter (NY & ME) My Fair Lady Litter (ME, CT) Mother Goose Litter (ME)
Luna’s Litter (ME) Louis Vuitton Litter (ME) “Annie the Musical” Litter (ME)
Real Monsters Litter (NH) Land Before Time Litter Ben & Jerry’s Litter (MA & ME)
European Royalty Litter (MA & ME) Days of the Week Litter (MA) Girls of Seattle (ME)
Kimberly’s Fosters (ME) Blue Jeans Litter NH, MA & ME Coffee Can Orphans (ME)
  Cee Cee (MA) (SENIOR)