Previously Adopted 2014

Tree Gang Baby Boys Bretton Woods Litter Pet Shop Boy
Rye Acorn and Walnut Taffeta and Chiffon
Cosmo and Dewers Flintstones Gwen and Ginny
 Canadian Crooner Girl  Tree Gang Adults  Pooh Corner
 McDreamy and McSteamy  Muppet Trio Hank and Cheese Thief
 Cookie Litter  Disney Princesses Londonderry Baby Boys
Lila and Milly Twinkie and Ding Dong NH Shelter Cutie Pies
Kia Trio  ARL Squishmen Edison
 Christmas Treats  Hank and Cheese Thief Beverly Cleary
 Scarlett and Avada Lucy and Sophie Put a Bird On It
 Cocoa Once Upon a Time Girls  Oliver and Otis
 Smuttynose and Wormtown Minca Gus and Charlie
 Big Bang Theory Edamame & the Beany Babies Queens of Rock and Roll
Apple of My Eye Sofia Vergara Jake
 Albion Girls Brownie and Little Cloud Ariel
 Denny and Ally Game of Thrones Girls Laverne & Shirley’s Guys
 Faith and Hope Pee-Wee Playhouse Boys  Starry Night Boys
 Saugerties Girls  Lola and Mo California Girls
Breaking Bad Litter  Wicked Whoopie Pie Girls Bridgton Quartet
 Bubblegum Babies Battlestar Galactica Victor
 Degu Family  Turkey and Roo Harold and Bugsy
 Dunkin’ Munchkins Girls Shampoo Girls  Braxton and Santiago
 Dr. Livingstone  Persephone and the Hercules Litter Seekonk Girls
 Wicked Whoopie Pie Boys Dunkin’ Munchkins Boys Paytra’s Pals Girls
Brownie and Little Cloud Weedy Hamsters  Omelette and Fondue
 Lucy The Pink and Blue Litters:  Girls!  Porkchops and Applesauce
 Saugerties Boys The Pink and Blue Litters:  Boys! The Three Amigos