Faith and Hope

“Faith”, Rat, Black Irish Berkshire, Standard Ears/Coat, Female, DOB 4/15/10
“Hope”, Rat, Black Hooded, Standard Ears/Coat, Female, DOB 4/15/10

These little girls were purchased at a pet store and the new owner quickly discovered that she was just not cut out for being a rattie parent.  Feeling she just did not have the time they deserved, she contacted MRR to ask if we could help.  These pretty ladies are now in a foster home getting everything they need, all that is missing is that forever family!

1/1/11 Update from Foster Mom:
Hope and Faith have really blossomed here. Both now beg to be taken out, and enjoy being held.
Faith seems naturally inclined towards being a shoulder rat. She’s quiet by nature. When she get excited she has an odd sort-of cough, seems she does have some lung scarring but it doesn’t stop her and she’s perfectly healthy otherwise, there’s no other signs of a URI etc.
Hope has now escaped multiple times (she’s taken wild blind leaps from the cage during feeding time now that she knows the ground isn’t too far, I’ve never seen a rat so bold.) but each time will have fun by teasing me or Coureton by playing hard to get but walking right up to us. We’ve mastered the art of the distract-n-grab. Seriously though, we should rename this girl Houdini! Maybe Hopedini? She squeals like she’s dying when caught but immediately looks for treats once against you. It’s definitely a game for her.

10/25/10 Update from Foster Mom:
“Coureton and I have been taking them out a bit. They are skittish when you pick them up, but once out are fine, if a bit active. Hope is pretty fearless, and is the dominant rat in the cage, despite being half the size. They cuddle with all my other rats, it’s quite cute. Hope is FAST. Faith is still the more laid back, less active of the two. When she’s slower you can cuddle her, but she has times where she just wants to move. That said, they are coming around!
I would not, under any circumstances, recommend a plastic cage, or a FN meshed with chewable ties. Hope is not just a chewer, she’s also very smart about it!”

10/12/10 Update from Foster Mom:
“It turns out that while Hope hates the act of being picked up, once out she’s just fine. She’s not shy at all, and loves to explore.  She definitely needed a bit more time than others to settle in but once comfortable comes out to demand attention along with the other rats.  She’s a fairly dominant rat, despite being so tiny!  Faith is a bit skittish about being picked up as well, but is calmer in general than her sister.  She still has a little bit of a rattle in her lungs, I think it may be permanent.  She’s a bit more active now, I assume because she had been sick when she arrived and is now feeling better.”