Previously Adopted Animals 2013

 Tinkerbell’s Baby Boys (ME)  Canadian Girls in the USA! 3 Naked Brothers
 Torrent & Sun-Shower Secret of NIMH  Shelter Squishies
Harry Potter’s Friends Three’s Company Craft Brews Litter
Maliseet and Mikmaq  Snack Cake Girls East Coast Girls
 Wilton Wonders  100 Acre Pals The Tate Family Gang
 Waterville Beauties South American Boys Shelby and Lindsay
 Lars & Odie  Mistry (MA) Aleutian (ME)
Simon (ME)  Tristine (MA)  Kenai (ME)
 Mars Explorers (NH)  Firefly Litter (ME)  Capital Litter (NH and ME)
  Halloween Boys (MA)  Snuggle Group (ME) Leonidas (ME)
Buster and Bob  Lyla and Lola (ME)  Mama Mia & Curly Sue (ME)
 Halloween Girls (ME)  Color Me Adorable (MA)  Nikki’s Lovely Ladies
 Melville and Nadia  Molly & Shrek  Olin and Stoffe
Boys Night Out Oreo Harmon
Yogurt and Skiboots Fig and Newton Grayson
 Dr Who Gerbils  Friends Mice Babies Snickers
Barton Naked Dumbos Grace and Snow
Bob & Caesar   The Clue Crew Blizzard Babies
Mouse and Bird Blaze and Cookie June and Maybelle
  Wilton Wonders Peyton and Eli  Clementine
 Oswego Boys Snack and Nibble  Pokemon Litter
Female Mice Male Mice  Treat (NY)
 Massachusetts Harem Shenanigan Muppet Babies Litter
  Brie and Blue Reason Augustine
 Rhode Island Boy Newport Female Baby Mice & Moms (ME)  Skeeter and Scooter
 Daphne and Velma  Oswego Girls  Girls of Downton Abbey
 Male Mice Ithaca Sisters  Stella
Adventure Time Mike and Sully Smokey and Bandit
Denali Pandora  Generation X Litter
 Wilma and Betty Regular Show Crew  Mice Harem
Serena’s Ocean’s 12 Litter J Crew  Bogart
  Bobby Darin  McCoy (MA) Naked and Dumbo Group
 Wedding Dress Designers – GIRLS  Canadian Little Women Frank and Dean
 The Roadside Boys Farina  Star Wars Group
 Malcolm and Washburn Island Babies   Phillip
 Vermont Girls  The Pink Eyed Ladies Lily, Callie and Allie Mae
Wedding Dress Designer Part 2 -BOYS  Autumn and Stardust  Louie
 Hamster Crew  Buttermilk and Pancake Pig Project Young Boys
  Mr Jingles  Ace and Ventura  Lost Girl
  Mongo, Percy and Smudge   Amber  Edgar and Rudy
  Canadian Little Men  Morsel and Crumb Scooby and Pal
 Canadian Crooner and Friend  Apollo and Pazuzu  Lucy
Whiskers and Harry Connick, Jr.  Charles and Henry Tree Gang Baby Girls
Neighborhood of Make Believe Cereal Girls Maypo and Cocoa Puff George
 Rye  Acorn and Walnut Taffeta and Chiffon
 Tinsel and Garland