Primrose and Iona

#12186 “Iona”, Rat, Beige Berkshire w/Head Spot (Siamese?), Standard Coat, Dumbo Ears, Female, DOB 3/25/12
#12194 “Primrose”, Rat, Black Capped w/Head Spot, Standard Coat, Dumbo Ears, Female, DOB 3/21/12
Camera Shy

Please see the Canadian Girls’ page for the back story on these two ladies.

From Foster Mom:
“The Canadian girls in my care are all super kind and very sweet! They each have varying degrees of shyness, but we’re working on trust every day and making progress. We have a litter box in the cage, it is being used regularly, but knowing who has figured it out is tough. They’ve been eating lab blocks, cereal mix, fresh greens (kale, lettuce, dandelions), and enjoying the days when they get peas or scrambled eggs. They are all using the Wodent Wheel, some more than others. These are terrific girls and would be great in most any home.”

7/3/12 Update from Foster Mom:
Primrose – She is a hoot! She is the largest of the rats, is full of energy, very curious, and she loves the Wodent Wheel.
Iona – She is initially shy, but is very curious so this gets the best of her. She is an avid climber and will climb sleeves for a peek over your shoulder.

8/6/12 Update from Foster Mom:
Iona – A Rookie! She is curious, playful, affectionate, and very sweet. She enjoys shoulder rides and likes to be with people. Great for anyone!
Primrose – A Bashful Tourist! She is shy, snuggly, and a little bit curious. With more time and patience she’ll come out of her shell. She absoutely loves the wodent wheel and has a curled “wheelie tail” to show for it. Great for older kids (5+) and adults.

8/15/12 Update from Foster Mom:
Primrose and Iona are shy but very friendly and kind rats. Iona is a quiet observer, always aware of your presence and ready to come to the cage door if you ask her to. Primrose is much more curious and will be at the cage door waiting if she recognizes it’s you. If not, she’ll hang back with Iona to assess the situation. Both girls are wonderful with children! They are patient and gentle with the kids, though they don’t always make themselves easy to catch. Iona enjoys shoulder rides, running in the wodent wheel, and hanging out in your sleeve/hood/sweater. Primrose adores the wodent wheel and has a “wheelie tail” to prove it! She even can be found sleeping in the wheel on occasion. Prim also enjoys shoulder rides and snuggling in your clothes. Both Iona and Primrose find exploring outside of her cage a bit scary! Some of their favorite foods are fresh fruits and veggies… lettuce, kale, melons, and peas are just a few. They also adore a treat of scrambled eggs. Both are also working on using the litter box, we’re almost there!

Iona and Primrose would make great pets for anyone.