#12256 “Tristine”, Guinea Pig, Brown & White, Abyssinian, Female, DOB 4/15/11

Tristine (aka Fluffy) was surrendered to MRR because her human is having a baby and has to move to a place that will not allow pets. Tristine has been living with Mistry in their foster home and have become friendly with one another, not BFFs yet though so if you want to adopt just Tristine, that would be fine. We prefer she not live alone so another female guinea pig at home would be required.

Since coming to her foster home, Tristine’s foster mom reports that she has become really friendly and sweet. Still little squirmy and little hard to catch but thinks Tristine is ready for the website and for her new home.
11/24/12 Update from Foster Mom:
Squeakalious, fun, cuddly! These two piggies fill up my writing room with chirps and the sounds of their thumping around their cage. I was away for a couple days this week and what a greeting I received when I came home! Seems I was definitely missed—these two pigs are great companions and warm my heart!

9/27/12 Update from Foster Mom:

Mistry is the funnest pig. She is terribly curious and squeaks and coos until the cows come home. And she certainly knows what time dinner is! She loves to sit in my lap and just gaze into my eyes and is not bothered by the other nearby animals i.e. black Lab and cats. She really is a special pig.

Tristine is a bit shier than Mistry. She will take food from my hands now and is fine being held and sitting on my lap. She loves to romp around her cage like a bunny. Sometimes I even think she’s a bunny.

The two of these pigs are a lot of fun to have around!





Fluffy RT side

Fluffy LT side

Fluffy LT face